Property Finance

(Home Loan Building Loan Vacant Land)

• Our comprehensive knowledge of structuring a bond application allows our clients to navigate the pit falls of obtaining a bond from the banks

• Our contracts include all residential funding products from ABSA , Standard Bank , FNB, RMB, Nedbank, Investec, HIP and Itala Bank

• We specialize in helping Self Employed and Property Investor type clients.

• Our conversion ratio is above market norm. • Our clients have access to an upfront fully comprehensive income and risk assement

Rent to Buy

Rent to Buy is a new product that helps mitigated clients to purchase a property.

• Rent to Buy wile purchase the property on behalf of the client and help them better their scoring wile renting.

• After 24 months the client will then enter into a normal loan agreement with a bank or finance institution and transfer the property to their name.

• Clients will pay an upfront fee for a pre approval certificate (R750 for a single applicant and R850 for a joint application)

• Deposit requirements range from 2 to 20% depending on the client type.

• South African non residants and self -employed clients also qualify for this product. • Finance available in Western Cape, Gauteng and Bloemfontein.

• Propertys price range from R400 000 up to R1.8 Million.

Installment Sales Agreement

• Installment Sales agreement assists clients that don’t fall within the banks normal criteria to purchase a property .

• The finance installment is calculated over a 20-year term

• Finance period of 10 years with a balloon payment that can be re-financed for the remaining 10 years

• Prime plus interest rates apply

• Minimum property value of R400 000 up to R2.4 Million

• Minimum deposit and registration cost of 5% • Clients must have a good credit record

• Finance areas– Wester Cape, Gauteng and Potchefstroom

Home Rescue

• Home Rescue was designed to help distressed home owners

• Qualifying criteria - A home owner with a foreclosure notice

• Property type – main residence only

Debt Consolidation

• For owners of residential properties with available equity

• Clients can consolidate their debt into an affordable monthly repayment backed by their property as security

• This product is only available for clients with a good credit rating.

• Only properties with available equity can be used.

Business Mortgage

• Business Mortgage is a product that helps clients purchase non residential type properties over a 20-year term

• Property types – Guest Houses , Chreche , Student Accommodation and Sectional Title Office Block Units

• 20% Deposit requirement

• 80% loan

• Appropriote zoning